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‘Global Records and Research Foundation’ is a premier ‘Center of Excellence’ in the field of standardization, uniformity and benchmarking circumstances worldwide. These pillars constitute basics in measurement of human achievements including amazing, extraordinary, very unusual and breathe taking records! It is a collaboration of multi-disciplinary groups, institutions and record books. GRRF is leading initiator for the projects and research in Standardization, Uniformity and Consistency in Measuring techniques.

G.R.R.F. provides a wide range of services and programs to meet the requirement of a Business House to Academic Institutions to a solo performer!

Each one of us is equally capable to create milestone and benchmark.

Like we believe in 7 Billion Possibilities!!

Standard Documentation Procedure

Herein, solo or small team attempts are invited online. Applicant is required to provide us basic evidences of the attempt / achievement like videos, pictures, Newspaper clippings, witness statements etc., along with Identity and Date of Birth proofs. List of evidences and supportive documents are as follows…..

  1. Applicant ID and Date of Birth Proof
  2. Pictures and Videos of the attempt
  3. Attempt specific Measurements like time, length, place etc.
  4. Newspaper clippings
  5. Witness statements
  6. Any relevant information
  7. PP size colour photograph,
  8. Complete Courier Address with Pin Code and Mob No.

In case of kids/ children, parents or school principal, can initiate these e-mails. Applicant can e-mail us on these supportive documents at OR

On receipt of such e-mails, Records and Research Team, will evaluate evidences and supportive documents. Team may ask / require for additional evidences on some cases as per nature of attempt / achievement. Team encourage applicant to provide such evidences and supportive electronically (read e-mail). Records and Research Team, will process the claim. And after processing Team will contact / inform Applicant via e-mail.

Subject to successful processing and Record Approval, Applicant will be asked to Order ‘GRRF Premier Record Holder Pack’. This GRRF Premier Record Holder Pack is consist of-

  1. Framed A4 Certificate
  2. GRRF Record Holder Trophy
  3. GRRF Record Holder ID Card
  4. GRRF Two Badges
  5. GRRF Two / Three Color Sticker
  6. Press Note
  7. Update in Website
  8. Update and Promotion in GRRF Social Media
  9. Listing of Records in GRRF Records 2020 Edition
  • Any Articles or Items in the ‘GRRF Premier Record Holder Pack’ can be added / removed without prior intimation.

So why to wait! Give it a try now!

Happy Record Making / Breaking!!

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Global Records & Research Foundation

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