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G.R.R.F. provides a wide range of services and programs to meet the requirement of a Business House to Academic Institutions to a solo performer! ’LIVE On Spot Adjudication Procedure’ is one such premium service.

LIVE On Spot Adjudication Procedure

Get Your Record verified LIVE On Spot!

Best suited and tailor made for requirements of Business Houses, Academic Institutions or Social Cause groups or Mass Attempts…… for any occasion, cause or theme !! G.R.R.F. is there to match endless Ideas powered with Globally Accepted Procedures and Protocol for Record Making / Breaking!

Records are meant to be broken. We support you from planning stage to LIVE performance. We assist and guide you at every step to make your record event a memorable, amazing and #GloballyAwesome! Converting your idea into executable plan and formulating Procedures and Protocol as per existing norms/milestones, we serve you professionally at every step and stage!!

WE help you in …

Business Solution- Connect to Unite, Build Teams, Energise and Launch Big Thing!

Bringing People / Communities Together For a Cause

Uniqueness like Your Own Business

Promoting and Building Your Uniqueness

Engaging Students in socially relevant mass attempts

And many more……

Even if you are an individual or a small group and looking for an idea to set a Record than WE are here to advise you on every aspects like suggesting the right record, procedural guidelines and everything you need to make it a successful record attempt.

To explore ‘Your Very Own Opportunity’ further, get in touch with us!

Mail us at OR Our ‘Dedicated Record Manager’ will be in touch with you within 12-16hrs.

LIVE ON Spot Adjudication Package’ includes…

  1. Planning stage support
  2. Identifying most suitable Record Making Option for YOU.
  3. Assisting you to Understand Guidelines and Criteria
  4. Helping you to unlock full potential of Record Making event
  5. LIVE On Spot Verification
  6. Record Announcement and Presentation*
  7. Media / PR support and Assistance
  8. Honouring Partners, Sponsors and stakeholders via ON Spot Appreciation

So why to wait! Give it a try now!

Happy Record Making / Breaking!!

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