Prof Ramesh Babu : GRRF Iconic Record Holders of India

GRRF Iconic Record Holders of India

Prof. Dr. S. Ramesh Babu is the new age superman & an inspiration for everyone. For those who haven’t heard of him, he is a Scientist with Ph.D. from IISc Bangalore and is known for his passion for setting records in highly diversified fields. As on date, he has set over 60 Records in all, including 50+ World Records. He got his first world record in 1993 and has been on this ambitious journey of setting new records for decades. Now making records is his hobby.

Dr. Ramesh is the first Indian scientist to be invited by Govt. of Peoples Republic of China, for a long-term research. Arguing with him on too much lecturing would be futile since he has already proved his mettle by winning the highest number of prizes in Kannada debates in the shortest time, and that in itself is a record! He can also do the fastest Sanskrit recitation if you are game. When it comes to fitness and physical vigor, Dr. Ramesh astounds yet again with the capability to do the fastest rotation of his double arms, double shoulders, head & double wrists.The record for the world’s Largest Human Logo formation speaks volumes about his organizational skills. This humble man can beat you in envelope making, gift wrapping, paper plane launching etc. Yes, he is again the fastest person to do all of those! He has flown a kite with the longest thread as well. You talk about quick food, beyond Maggi, he holds the records for making the fastest Pooris, sandwiches and that too by cutting vegetables in the shortest time possible. Now if you have become his fan, he can again surprise you with the fastest autograph. Yes, he holds the record for fastest autographing on Photographs in just 1hour.
You may now want to meet him and get a dose of motivation. He has inspired over 1 lakh Indians already through his 715 lecture programs conducted over a period of 10 years. And yes, that’s also a record. He has two trunks of over 80,000 written feedback notes from the attendees. That may be a record in itself. And lastly… still something left; Dr. Ramesh is the official record holder for holding the ‘Most Number of World Records by an Indian’.

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