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Record Made ByThe Chinese ethnic minority group Dong
Record LevelAsia Pacific Records

Longest Feast Table

The Chinese ethnic minority group Dong from the central and southern mountains of China, broke the record for the world's longest feast table with more than 10,000 people seated at a 3.7 kilometer (2.3 miles) long table, at Liping on December 2, 2016.
The feast was organized in Liping to welcome the Dong New Year on Dec. 1 and 1,730 tables were joined in two rows on the local highway. The feast was attended by guests, clothed in eye catching traditional we
ar, and served Dong delicacies such as lamb, fish, poultry, sour soup and rice wine.
Notably Dongs are known for their polyphonic songs and huge wooden bridges besides their hospitality, particularly evident in their feasts that involve large gatherings. The Dong New Year, normally held around the winter solstice, is included in the national cultural heritage list


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